I am a Web Developer who is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. My interests include technology, music, sports, games, beer and the great outdoors. I pride myself in self-discipline and my thirst for efficiency. I also love sharing experiences, new discoveries, laughs, and smiles. Feel free to contact me or browse some of my projects using the links below.

It seems that ever since I assembled my first computer at the age of twelve most of my entertainment came from the internet. I have always looked for the coolest tools, resources, or websites online. One day a friend recommended I look into becoming a web developer and I absolutely loved it. Now if I cannot find the tools or websites needed, I build them.

Currently I am looking for work and can be contacted by using the following links:

Lets Sync Up

Let's Sync Up is an app that allows you watch a Youtube video that is synchronized across all users in the channel. You can also chat in real time, and kick users from the channel.

Fair Weather Cyclist

Fair Weather Cyclist gives you biking directions as well as the weather dependent on time and location. This allows you to plan for the current weather during your travel times.

RIP Clips

RIP Clips is a place where you can submit your favorite twitch clips to keep in a library as well as browse clips others have submitted. When Twitch released their clips feature they had no place to store your clips. I created this project to house your clips before twitch released their implementation.

Peepin Twitch

Peepin Twitch is an app that grabs the list of current viewers from a twitch channel and displays them by type. You can click on a user or use the random button to select and view their public account information.